Garage Door Weatherstripping

Garage Door Weatherstrip

Garage door weatherstripping is designed to keep weather, insects, and rodents out of your garage. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and is sold by the foot. And because of rising utility bills, weather seals provide an excellent return on investment. Perimeter Garage Door Weatherstripping The perimeter weather seal is the pieces that are fastened around outside the … Read more

Garage Door Springs

Broken Residential Garage Door Torsion Spring

What Garage Door Springs DO And How They Work How a Standard Garage Door Torsion Spring Works Garage Door Springs are one of the most important parts of a garage door system. They are responsible for lifting the entire weight of the garage door. People often confuse the garage door openers function with what the … Read more

How To Frame A Garage Door

how to frame a garage door

How to Frame a garage door opening? Before you can install a new garage door, it is important that the garage door framing is done correctly. Even if you’re replacing an old garage door, there is still a good possibility that you will need to have some framing done. Note-This article is not about building a … Read more

Garage Door Materials-What To Buy

garage door materials

What are Garage Doors Made out of? What Is The Best Garage Door Material? Garage doors come in various styles and materials. The type of garage door materials will affect the cost. The different styles and colors will affect how much a garage door will cost.  Most garage doors are made of steel. There are … Read more