Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are an extremely important part of the garage door system. They are responsible for opening and closing the door safely. Because the door is a heavy moving object, it is important that the opener is of good quality, and that it is installed and set up properly. This is why It’s important to consider hiring a professional garage door service company to do this for you.

Buying a Garage Door Opener

There are many makes and models of garage door openers. The price varies with the quality and features that you get. It’s like anything, “you get what you pay for.” This is important to remember when buying a garage door opener.

There are many stores and companies to buy a garage door opener. Whether you buy one from a big box store or a local overhead door company, you should consider these few key points:
How well it is built? How long it will last? Most garage door openers will usually last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Of course, this depends on if the garage door works well if the opener was installed correctly and if you buy a quality garage door opener.
You pay for what you get, no more no less. Some of you might be convinced that an expensive opener is a quality one. This is not necessarily true. Nor is it true that a cheap opener will save you money. Usually, the best bang for your buck is mid-range in price. Usually, you can get a quality garage door opener for around $200.00 to $350.00 CAD.
Is this machine easy and affordable to repair? There are many garage door openers that are unique with specialty parts. I would personally advise that you stay away from these models. There is nothing worse than having to fix or repair garage door opener that you need to find parts for. The best openers to buy are the ones that have the most generic parts. Not only is it easy to get parts but its usually easier and cheaper to fix.
The most popular brands are Genie, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster. There are many options about what opener to buy, but these 3 brands are generally the best garage door openers.

Genie Garage Door Opener

The openers start out like many of their competitors with the big box store models being the lowest quality and the cheapest. One thing to be aware of is the screw drive models. These models have in my own experience a reputation for the screw drive system striping. I have replaced many of these openers because of the screw drive. Any of the other models would be a better option. For more information on Genie garage door visit

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain openers have been around for quite some time. They have a good reputation for being a quality consumer model. You can buy a Chamberlain garage door opener at many of the big box stores. Like the other brands, these models are cheaper and lower quality than the contractor models.
The basic models with no bells and whistles are usually the best option. A half chain half cable model is affordable and good value. The parts are very common among the garage door industry and these openers are generally easy to work on. The belt drive is a bit better quality but is usually not worth the price tag. For more information on Chamberlain garage door openers to

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster is a brand of garage door opener that is most common with garage door companies. It is by far the most widely used garage door opener among contractors. The contractor models are very dependable, affordable and easy to maintain.
The belt drive models are usually the best value of any garage door opener. These models have a great reputation in the industry. The customer service is great, and the parts are not expensive and easy to source. Most garage door companies carry parts and if they don’t can get any part within a few days. For more information on Liftmaster garage door, opener visit

Types of Door Openers

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drive openers are traditionally the most popular of all the opener drives. They are typically made up of all chain, or part chain and part cable.

How it Works

The chain and/or cable is attached to the trolley and wrapped around a sprocket on the front end and also around another sprocket on the top of the power head. This sprocket stands vertically and has a gear that is attached near the bottom. This gear is connected to a worm style gear that is attached to the motor shaft. When the motor spins, it spins the gears that in turn spins the sprocket.

The chain drive openers are a good option for most applications. They are generally of good quality and are affordable depending on what features you are looking for.

Belt Drive Garage door openers

Belt drive openers are the second most popular type of garage door opener. These openers are popular because they are much quieter than chain drive types.

How it Works

This system is similar to the chain drive except using a belt instead. Instead of using a sprocket at both ends of the boom, they use a pulley at either end. The front end is an idler pulley and the pulley on the power head is driven by the same gear system as the chain.
These openers are usually a bit more expensive than chain drive opener, but the money is definitely well spent. The difference is usually only 20 to 40 dollars.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Another popular drive is the screw drive.

How it Works

This type of opener works like a screw. The shaft is machined like a screw. When the shaft of the motor turns it rotates the shaft and in turn, moves the trolley moves back and forth on the rail. The direction the shaft turns depicts the direction of the door. This is the same concept of how a screw either goes in or out of a board. Because they are usually louder compared to other opener drives, this system can be less desirable. One popular feature of the screw drive garage door opener is that they can usually be faster than other types. This is one reason some people like this type of opener.

Jack Shaft Garage Door Openers

This is the newest opener on the market today. This opener is becoming more and more popular every day. These openers are very quiet and have a sleek profile that is appealing to the eye.

How It Works

This garage door opener is mounted next to the head shaft, rather than hanging in the room like the drawbar types. Instead of being attached to the door It is attached directly to the shaft via a coupler. This is why it’s possible to be mounded differently than other types of garage door openers.

Another thing to take into consideration when looking for a new garage door opener:
If you have a double wide door you should buy a contractor model with a solid boom (the boom is the main bar from the power head to the wall). This is something many people are not aware of and is important The big box store models come with a sectional boom (the main bar from the power head to the wall comes in pieces) so that you can fit it into your car.

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