Garage Door Spring Repair

The spring is the most essential part of the garage door system. If you need a garage door spring repair, you should call a garage door professional.

Custom Garage Door Spring Replacement

We specialize in custom garage door torsion springs. We stock all types of springs and can provide you with a custom torsion spring repair in no time.

There are many different spring wire sizes. The thickness of the wire, the inner diameter, and the length all play an important role in how your garage door and opener function.

Because of this, we buy these springs in long lengths and cut them to suit the exact weight and height of your door. Because of our extensive knowledge of springs, we can provide quick, accurate, and amazing customer service.

Therefore we can get your springs in good working order and have your door working in good condition.  

It is critical that your door springs are calculated properly. Every main component of your door is directly affected by the calibration of a spring. 

When it comes to calculating door springs, it’s mostly a science rather than an art. The drums, door height, and width are all included in the proper equation. It’s possible for a knowledgeable technician to manipulate the amount of torque to achieve maximum garage door performance.

 Extension Spring Replacement

Extension springs are also a common garage door spring repair. Although these springs are not custom made, It is important to make sure your replacement springs are the proper coil springs.

If you have a broken spring, it is never recommended that you attempt to replace it yourself. This may cause further damage to the components of the torsion spring system, and in the worst case, yourself. There are various different kinds of garage door springs that are on the market.

For a proper assessment of your spring system, give us a call. We can come and properly measure, assemble, and install a new one for you.