How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

There are many different repairs that will affect how much garage door repairs cost. Most common garage door repair include broken springs, broken or off track cables (loose cables), electric opener repairs, and various programmable accessories such as remotes and keypads.

 Take into consideration that they’re so many factors involved in what repair(s) are required and how long the garage door repair will take, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee what the exact cost will be. However, 90% of the time the garage door repair will cost the same as long as it’s not more work than what is expected. 

Here is a general guideline you can follow to now how much you can expect to pay to repair your door. Remember these are general guidelines and change from company to company, situation to situation and from region to region. It’s a good idea to contact your local overhead door company for a free estimate.

Average Price For Garage Door Repairs

Common Problems are:

Torsion spring on a single car garage=$170 to $240

Broken spring on a double car garage (2 springs)=$230 to $300

Garage door cable replacement=$110 to $160

Electric opener gear replacement=$150 to $200

Springs adjustment=$ 70 to $120

Electric opener repair=$ 70 to $120

Program various accessories=$ 70 to $120

Change photo eyes=$110 to $160

Replace all rollers=$150 to $200

How much is a service call and labour for garage door repair?

The average service call and labor charge is around $60 to $80 per hour. This has much to do with the area that you live in. Many contractors will charge on the higher end of the labor spectrum if the area where the garage door repair is has a high cost of living.

How Much Does A New Garage Door Cost?

The Price to Install A New Residential Garage Door Can Vary Greatly Depending On What You Want. There Are Many Types of Garage Doors.

Some Factors That Affect How Much A Garage Door Costs

Garage Door MaterialsThe type of material that you choose can greatly impact what the new garage door will cost. For more information read this article on garage door materials. Size of Garage DoorThe size of the garage door can affect the price. Although this is true, the size doesn’t change the cost as much as one might think. For example,​ a double-wide garage door is not double the price of a single.WindowsPutting windows in your garage door is definitely a good way to make your home unique and attractive. Not only does it look nice but it also allows natural light into your garage. This, of course, does come with some extra cost.ColoursMost manufacturers provide some common colors for the base price of the garage door. These commonly include white, taupe, almond, brown, black, and some others. Many other colors such as walnut and oak, for example, are usually an upgrade. The cost of a garage door can also be affected by the hardware used. There are different headroom requirements for garage doors so the track can be custom for your specific situation. There is also the different quality of rollers, hinges, and track that changes the cost of your garage door.


A replacement garage door can cost as little as $800 installed for a single car garage. This would be an example of non-insulated door installation. The price goes up as the door gets larger. One more thing that affects the price is insulation. The better R-value the higher the price. Another example would be an insulated R-12 double car garage door that would start at around $1400 installed.

The majority of garage doors that are on houses around your area fall in and around $1000 to $2000 installed. This will usually get you a quality garage door installed by a professional. Give an overhead door company a call for a garage door price.

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